• Lysofix™

    The natural and elegant coldprocess emulsifier with a silky touch

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Lysofix™ is a unique pure lysophospholipid O/W emulsifier,easy-to-use and cold processable which enables the formulation of fluid lotions to creams with a silky and non-greasy skin feel.

Lysofix™ is a very powerful emulsifier compatible with all kinds of oils, chemical and physical UV filters and pigments. Due to the wetting properties of phospholipids, Lysofix™ improves the pigments dispersion, enabling the optimization of make-up and sunscreen formulas.

With its strong active properties, Lysofix™ is able to boost elastin and collagen to fight premature aging for a healthier and more youthful look! It keeps also the skin moisturized, while acting as a delivery system, by enhancing bioavailability and penetration of active ingredients for improved efficacy.

Available in liquid and powder forms, Lysofix™ is a strong ally to create easily elegant active textures!


Pure lysophospholipid-based O/W micellar emulsifier


Glycerin (and) Glycine soja (Soybean) Seed Extract (under revision with PCPC, Application for Glycerin (and) Lysolecithin in progress.)


O/W micellar emulsifier
Cold or hot process
Very easy-to-use
Sprayable emulsions
Improve pigment dispersion
Decrease TEWL
High skin tolerance
Unique silky sensory signature
Enhances penetration and bioavailability of active ingredients to get better and/or faster results


  • PF actives
  • China Compliant

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